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Summer 2001 Where shall we go on holiday?

Chris said “where shall we go on holiday?” We looked through the brochures and Bee decided on Tuscany in Italy. So Chris booked a trip to South Africa! Bee wasn’t sure about that – totally out of her comfort zone, a long scary flight and the unknown at the destination! “What happened to Italy?” she said.

So we flew to Capetown, drove up the west coast to our holiday apartment In Club Mykonos Resort in Langebaan, where we had to walk through a casino and give in img_3541OUR GUNS before entering! Now Bee is totally out of her comfort zone!

The resort was amazing, little white Greek houses in a beautiful rocky cove and little rock dassies hiding in the harbour wall. So cute, like big hamsters!

BUT, if we ventured out of the resort it was so scary, crime everywhere, big wrecker bars on all the windows and if we dared go out of the complex, were mobbed by locals wanting to help us park, look after our car, etc.

So we decided to go back to Capetown, booked a posh suite in a hotel for almost nothing and left!

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WORK – That’s the problem

It all started when we met at a dance, fell in love and decided to live together forever. We both owned a house, a car, Bee had two cats and a full time job. Now, that’s the problem WORK. Every day the alarms went beep beep beep beep beep at 6.15 am and we had to get up and rush around to get to work on time.
THINGS HAD TO CHANGE, but how could we not work and pay the mortgages and bills? IMPOSSIBLE!

Turnip and Dilly