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Adventures with baboons at Cape of Good Hope

We drove to our hotel, The Capetown International, which we had booked in advance. Unbeknown to us, we had booked a suite of rooms at the most expensive hotel accommodation we have ever stayed in. The £ against the South African Rand was at a very good rate, so our money went a very long way. We settled in, ate an enormous buffet meal and had a lovely night’s sleep. The next day we went to find a beach. As it was their winter, we and a camera team doing a photo shoot, were the only ones on the beach. It was a really wild and beautiful beach, so we went for a swim. It was just like an English summer’s day. They all thought we were mad!

In the city, when we parked the car, people would guide us into the space and then guard the car until our return for a small tip. We wondered if the hire car would still be there on our return!

We went to a street market and were followed and surrounded every step of the way. That was quite disconcerting! Out of Bee’s comfort zone again!

We drove to the Cape of Good Hope, stopping at Simonstown on the way, had an afternoon tea in a pretty little cafe and visited the beach where the little jackass penguins were peeping out of their burrows.


The drive was wonderful along the rocky coast, with very large, vicious looking, baboons with enormous teeth at the side of the road. We walked up to the lighthouse, nearly got blown away by the Cape of Good Hope sign and then went to a restaurant for lunch. There was a large glass door at the entrance and stairs down to the dining area. If the door was left open, baboons would launch themselves onto the tables below to steal food. They were scary creatures, even though Bee adores monkeys, so we decided to get a some cheese sandwiches and a drink and go back to the car. We were chased all the way back to the car by a very large pair of baboons. Chris unlocked the car and threw the sandwiches in. Before he could close the door, a baboon jumped into the car and stole our sandwiches and then sat in the car and opened his packet of sandwiches. We didn’t think that a baboon would be able to smell the sandwich through a plastic triangle! All the people in the car park were laughing at the loss of our sandwiches and now we had a car with a baboon in it. We decided it was best to leave the door open for him to leave when he had finished his sandwiches!

Very large vicious baboons with enormous teeth!
Cape of Good Hope lighthouse


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